February 2015

Finally our two new albums are out and available.

Destiny Drive is the first new Konstruktivists album to be released on vinyl in 30 years (the last being 1985's Glennascaul). Limited to 300 copies on red vinyl, and beautifully designed by Nieuw NDG, the album follows similar musical and lyrical themes to it's sister album Anarchic Arcadia.

The tracklisting is:

A1 - Is This You?
A2 - Lone Groover
A3 - Persona Non Grata

B1 - In Orange
B2 - Static Automatic
B3 - Psykho Politics
B4 - All That You Are

Both albums can be ordered in a special bundle directly from Bleak.


Anarchic Arcadia is also available now on CD and download via our Bandcamp page.

Track titles are:

1. The Waiting Room
2. Play the Game
3. Victim of Evidence
4. Beauty of Pain
5. Sin Sear Sensation
6. Vinyl Groover
7. Watchers
8. Future Past Calling

CD artwork by Natascha Schampus.


Our first live date of 2015 will be on March 22nd in Brussels as part of the Sunday at the Lodge event organised by Fondation Sonore.


Destiny Drive

Anarchic Arcadia









JULY 2014
In June we played our first German show at the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig. Thanks to everyone who came to the show, and especially everyone who sent us photos, or wrote reviews.

Our next show is scheduled for 8th September at the Fluc in Vienna.


In August we will release our new album "Anarchic Arcadia". The album features 8 new tracks recorded during the past two years.

The album will be available on CD (via E-Klageto / Psych-KG) and download via our Bandcamp page.

Track titles are:

1. The Waiting Room
2. Play the Game
3. Victim of Evidence
4. Beauty of Pain
5. Sin Sear Sensation
6. Vinyl Groover
7. Watchers
8. Future Past Calling

CD artwork by Natascha Schampus.

A second album of new material will follow in the autumn, to be released on vinyl. More information soon.



Anarchic Arcadia












MAY 2014
After 17 years, we have completely revamped the Konstruktivists website, and have a brand new site under our own domain. Thanks to Klanggalerie for hosting our website for the last decade or so. Thanks to Bleak for hosting our new domain/site.

We've also launched a mailing list - so if you'd like to be kept up to date with the latest news via email please sign up.

Over the past year, Konstruktivists have been quite busy, recording for two new albums of material for release this year. The first album, "Anarchic Arcadia" will be released in June on CD by E-Klageto based in Germany. A second album of new material will follow later in the year, this time on vinyl.

Our 1997 album Personal Non Grata has been re-issued on CD via Klanggalerie. The album is available in two editions. A standard CD in an edition of 300, and a limited edition of 50 copies in a hand printed fold-out sleeve.

We have also launched a Bandcamp page to make our back catalogue (as well as new releases) available digitally. Currently there are 12 releases available, with new additions coming every couple of months.

Konstruktivists will also be performing selected dates in 2014. We will be making our first appearance in Germany next month at the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig. More dates are expected in September 2014. More details soon.





Klanggalerie have just re-issued the first two cassettes by Konstruktivists as a double CD-R. Entitled Volumes 1 & 2", the double album contains tracks by Konstruktivists, NKVD, Heute and also Vagina Dentata Organ. Before this, CD re-isses of the two classic albums "Glennascaul" and "A Dissembly" were released. Both have never been available on CD before, and both contain bonus tracks not on the original albums. Also, they have been carefully remastered. The Wrong Revolution label has released a CD-R by Konstruktivists / Natascha Schampus versus Padre Diablo / Luna Menta. The persons involved in this new recordings are Peter Hope, Luna Menta (Deafthnoise), Natascha Schampus (Pete Hope's Exploding Mind) and Glenn Michael Wallis. The Konstruktivists tracks have been recorded live at Flying Pig Studios, Norfolk, by John Bygrave. Konstruktivists will also play another live show in Vienna this autumn.

JULY 2011
After two excellent shows in Poland and Austria, Konstruktivists are now looking for gigs in Czech Republic, Japan and Serbia. Please get in touch at if you would like to help set up a show. The concert in Vienna in June 2011 has been released as a limited edition CD-R on Klanggalerie. Personnel for the show was Glenn Michael Wallis and Mark Crumby. Glenn can now be contacted through Facebook. Search for Glenn Wallis.

"Black December" is now out on (silver) CD on Klanggalerie. In addition to this phenomenal album, bonus tracks from the same period have been added. More info at
Konstruktivists will also be playing the IX. Wroclaw Industrial festival in November 2010. The line-up will be Glenn Michael Wallis and Mark Crumby. Also performing will be, amongst many others, Whitehouse and Beequeen.

After the phenomenal Kon gig in Vienna on October 9, 2009, Austrian net label has released the whole show as a download album. Please follow this link:

Vinyl-on-Demand are releasing the following double vinyl: VOD69: Konstruktivists "the flowmotion years 1980-1982" Lp-2 21,99 € Dark-Ambient / Ritual-Project Konstruktivists was formed by mastermind Glenn Michael Wallis in 1981/82 out of the ashes of Heute. Around this time - in the late 70's/early 80's Glenn Michael Wallis was heavily involved with Throbbing Gristle, the U.K. pioneers of "Industrial". Between 1980 and 1982 Glenn/Konstruktivists has recorded several tracks of which one solo-tape and several Konstruktivists- Tapes found release in extremely rare and limited edition on the legendary Tape-Label Flowmotion. Almost 2 hours of those early works are compiled on this double-Lp including his full solo-work (also released as Konstruktivists Vol.1) as well as Tracks from Vol.2 and other tracks released between 1980 and 1982. 
You can order this at

MAY 2009
Klanggalerie will be releasing "Black December" in an expanded edition on CD later this year. "Klub Zodiac" is the latest album by Konstruktivists, issued by Interior Recordings in 2008. On October 9th, Konstruktivists will be playing live in Vienna's Viper Room on a special night hosted by and Klanggalerie. Also performing will be Nocturnal Emissions. This is the first time in over 20 years that Konstruktivists and Noctrunal Emissions will share a stage.

"Terminal Attraction" is the latest step in Klanggalerie's re-issue programme. As usual, this CD-R is limited to 50 numbered copies only.

"Offbeat Optimism" is another brand new album by Konstruktivists. This one is mainly electronic and instrumental and can be orered directly from
Klanggalerie will be re-issuing "Glennascaul" on CD-R, and also a new one in the re-release programme called "Terminal Attraction".

"Back to Black" is a brand-new studio album by Konstruktivists and has just been released by Interior Recordings in association with Klanggalerie. It features an array of Kon techno pop tunes, and for the first time ever also includes cover versions: a couple tracks by Hawkwind, "Jealous Guy" by John Lenneon, "Night Train" by Yello and "Shades" by Iggy Pop. A must-have if you are into the "Glennascaul" style electro sound!
Also out on Klanggalerie is "Dark Odyssey", the next step in their Kon re-issue programme. As always, it is a limited edition of only 50 numbered copies and only available through the label's web site.
Konstruktivists will also be playing live in Vienna in March 2007 as part of the "10 Year Anniversary" of the KG label.
And finally, visit to make friends with the band.

"Terminal Attraction" will be the next step in Klanggalerie´s Konstruktivist re-issue programme. It is a widely unheard album and shows the more mellow side of this excellent band. 
The 7" track "Pleasure and Pain" will be included on the next Klanggalerie/Syntactic compilation CD entitled "Danza de la Vida". Other artists featured will include O Yuki Conjugate,  Roedelius, Andrew Liles, Rapoon, Blaine L. Reininger and many more.

MARCH 2004
"Dark Odyssey" is the title of the brand new Konstruktivist album out now on Interior Recordings. It features thirteen tracks, most of them never heard before, and some new versions of Kon classics. It was written and recorded by Al Shiells, Priogette Cassese and Glenn Michael Wallis and recorded between February 2003 and February 2004 at the band´s own studio Konservatory. 
Again, this one features cover art by Lawrence Burton. Order directly from NKVD at

Psykho Genetika II is out now and can be ordered directly from Visit their web site for further information on the album.

Psykho Genetika II will be the next album to be re-issued on CDR by Viennese label Klanggalerie. It´s a follow-up to their masterpiece of the same title and contains alternative versions from the original album plus a lot of otherwise unreleased tracks. Again, this will be remastered by former band member Mark Crumby and the design will feature images from the original cassette album.

Konstruktivist will be playing live in Prague spring 2004, watch out for details on this web site.

JUNE 2003
Klanggalerie are now working on the next step of the Konstruktivist re-issue programme. Out this autumn will be "Psykho Genetika 2" - a formerly cassette only album released by Harsh Reality Music in the USA in 1985. It features alternate versions of tracks from the Psykho Genetika LP and some otherwise unreleased material, too. 
Also, Glennascaul we be made available again on CD-R with new artwork.

MAY 2003
Konstruktivist´s epic single "Sweet Sex Subliminal" has been remixed by Austrian improvisational duo Das Fax Mattinger for the Klanggalerie/Syntactic 10 year anniversary "Danza De La Muerte" 2CD set. Other artists on this excellent collection are amongst others: Muslimgauze, Ah Cama-Sotz, Fennesz, Susanne Brokesch, Asmus Tietchens, Legion, Aube, Vivenza, Novy Svet, Pacific 231, Der Blutharsch, The Haters, Scanner, Vidna Obmana, Nocturnal Emissions etc etc.

MARCH 2003
The new album "Evil Live" is finally out on Klanggalerie. It comprises 75 minutes of previously unpublished live material recorded over the last ten years. All music was put directly onto analogue equipment so don´t compare its sound quality to standard studio recordings. Classics in new format include "Hurts So Good", "Kandyman" and "Tic Tac Toe", most other tracks have never been published in studio versions. Re-mastered by ex-member Mark Crumby, this CD-R is again limited to 50 numbered copies.

Good news for all you Konstruktivist fans: 2003 will be a more active year for the band again! First, Evil Live the album will be out this March - details can be watched on the Klanggalerie page. Again, this will have one of the special CD cases that the label have used for AGM, PNG and Black December.

Then, Glenn Wallis has formed a new band called Dark Odyssey. It´s a kind of art concept, as the quartet are planning to do a book and CD. The theme for this is how a man sees all women in their archetypal form - as dark goddess, maiden, temptress, virgin, vamp etc. The sound is gothic prog rock and Glenn describes it as "early Genesis meets Neu!". If you´re in the UK, watch out for live dates as they will perform in Wymondham, East Anglia this summer.

Another unreleased album, "The Seventh Soviet Symphony" is being re-edited by Konstruktivist. It will be out later this year on Klanggalerie, as well as the first of the cassette-only releases from the early Eighties. "Offbeat Optimism" is another rhythmic album that should also see the light of day later in 2003.

First of all, a big thank you to all of you who have supported Konstruktivist over the past years. Klanggalerie are very happy to announce that "Evil Live" should be made available early in the new year. It will feature lots of Kon classics in new format, as well as some previously unreleased songs. Mark Crumby, a former member will be responsible for mastering and manufacturing again. 
Hope to bring you more news soon! 
For the moment, a happy Christmas and all the best for 2003!

AGM is sold out now....many thanks to all of you who ordered so quickly. FYI, there are two different designs floating around - an amber one and a pink version.  The next step in the re-issue programme will be the long delayed "Evil Live" album, previosuly unreleased.

JULY 2002
AGM is now out on CD and can be ordered directly through the Klanggalerie website. The edition is limited to 50 numbered copies and features half an hour of bonus tracks, all previously 

MAY 2002
Another step in the re-issue program is on the way: out soon will be "AGM" originally released by Pulse Tapes, London in 1993. The CDR will feature half an hour´s worth of bonus material which comes from an unreleased  split tape by Konstruktivist and Toxic Frequency. The album has been remastered by Mark Crumby and should be available in June 2002.

Furthermore, we have managed to get good quality copies of early Konstruktivist cassette only releases: NKVD Compilation, Psykho Genetika 2, Spanish Movements, Live at King Charles  Ballroom and The Last Moments of 1923 will be released on CDR later in the year together with the long overdue Evillive album. Thanks to Jeff Chenault, USA, for helping with tracking these rare items down.

New Konstruktivist album out on cassette only on the Ce Acatl label from London: Terminal Attraction consists of 12 tracks recorded by Glenn Wallis (with the help of Al Shiells). 
Recorded between 1994 and 1996, this long player features a requiem for Glenn´s old friend Robert Rental who sadly died last year. You can order copies directly from the label at:  Ce Acatl, BM Indefinite, London WC1N 3XX, United Kingdom.

Konstruktivist will also be featured on Syntactic´s 10 Year Celebration 2CD set "Danza De La Muerte". The CD will feature a new remix of the classic track "Sweet Sex Subliminal" by 
Austrian improvisational duo Das Fax Mattinger. Watch out for details at the Klanggalerie site. 

A Happy New Year! Persona Non Grata is finally out on CD.....few copies are left, please order soon to avoid disappointment. Klanggalerie will be continuing with the re-issue series of the Konstruktivist backcatalogue, the next title to come out probably being "The Last Moments of 1923" which was the bands first ever album that was never officially released! Also out soon will be the long overdue live album "Evil Live". 


We are very happy to announce that the problems involved in the production of Persona Non Grata have finally been solved. The CD-R re-issue should be available by the beginning of December and will again be a very limited edition of only 50 numbered copies. Orders are being accepted now.


JUNE 2001
The new CD by NKVD is now out on EE Tapes, Belgium. It´s entitled "Industrial Surrealist - Musik von Glenn Michael Wallis" and features material from the early Eighties up to almost now. 
A very dark, and very disturbing album indeed! EE Tapes have limited this CD to only 100 numbered copies. Read a review of this on Austria´s electronic magazine Evolver.

There´s also two other new albums ready now - one of them being the long awaited "Return to Glennascaul". We will keep you updated with any release information.

The re-issue series of "Persona Non Grata", "The Last Moments of 1923" plus "Evil Live" is still delayed due to unforeseen problems. However, Klanggalerie are working hard to find a solution  to be able to release these great recordings as soon as possible. 

APRIL 2001
The Konstruktivist home page is now hosted by We hope to be able to provide more regular updates than before for you..... 
Next out on Klanggalerie´s re-issue series will be "Persona Non Grata" with new artwork and special packaging. More news to follow soon.

Konstruktivists have been over to Vienna again to play two gigs; one at electronic club Rhiz, the other at Walter Robotka´s (of Klanggalerie) private birthday party. Both gigs went down very well and there will be a recording of them available on cassette very soon.

Also, there´s a new 7" single out on Klanggalerie entitled the "Evil Live E.P.". It features three new tracks: "Übergang", a Kraftwerk-style electro song. Baby Boom, a live classic, plus a totally different version of Artist Engineers (without a techno beat!). As usual, it is limited to only 100 numbered copies available directly from Klanggalerie

Klanggalerie will also soon re-issue the classic album Glennascaul plus bonus tracks on CD-R, and will make the recent backcatalogue available again: Persona Non Grata, A Dissembly and The Last Moments of 1923 will be out on CD-R, plus copies of the limited re-release of Psykho Genetika on CD will be distributed through the label as well. They will also carrying copies of the recent 7" singles and the Konstruktivist t-shirts. Keep an eye on their page for updated information. 

MARCH 1998
Quite a bit of news this time.

Firstly, "Persona Non-Grata" is available now - you can order it from us direct. It will also be available soon from a select number of other mail-order outlets. See soon for details of official suppliers.

Two new Konstuktivists tracks appear on two new compilations. Strangely both these compilation contain tracks lasting 30 seconds. "Four Years In 30 Seconds" was released by Dirter Promotions late least year on 10" which sold immediately. It has just been reissued on CD with bonus material. Get in touch if you want one - it will sell out soon.

The other compilation, released by Noisebox Records, is a blue vinyl 7" featuring 33.3 bands. The Konstruktivist track is called "L.S.D."

We have forged close links with Syntactic, the Austrian label known for its limited releases. All future Konstruktivist CD's will be co-released with this label. The first of these projects will be the CD version of "Last Moments Of 1923"

Syntactic will soon be releasing a compilation 7" featuring us together with Asmus Tietchens, The Haters, Thirdorgan, Paroxodon and Pita (Mego Records).

The history page will soon have an update with more information and background to where Konstruktivist is coming from.

Major overhaul of the site. I hated the look of the last site - so decided to totally change its appearance. I hope you agree it looks much better!

On the news front "A Dissembly" is finally available once again. Digitally remastered with 3 extra tracks it beats the living hell out of the old vinyl version.

The first new Konstruktivist studio album since "Forbidden" is completed. "Persona Non-Grata" is a mix of dance/techno styles and the dark electronic strangeness you come to expect from us. Out on our own Interior Records label, and initally only available from us direct. If another label is interested in releasing it - get in touch.

Konstruktivists recently participated in the recording of the second album by the psychedelic/prog band Future Primitive. Musically about as far as you can get from Konstruktivists.

Look out for "The Last Moments of 1923" re-issue after xmas.

JUNE 1997
In March/April Konstruktivists travelled to Austria for a short tour organized by Walter Robotka of Syntactic Records.

Over 10 days we played 3 shows:

31.03.97 - with Tony Wakeford at X.S. in Vienna

2.04.97 - at the electric lounge in Vienna

4.4.97 - Sollenau

In addition we were interviewed for an Austrian music magazine and were guests on 'The Swamp', the premier alternative music programme on Austrian National Radio, where we were interviewed and played a live 25 minute set - to around 50,000 listeners.

It was great to meet to meet some of our friends in the flesh at last, and enjoyed meeting people who had travelled from Hungary and Czech to see us in Vienna - We hope to be back there later in the year!!!!! 

Konstruktivists have recently played fours shows, two sets in Terneuzen, Holland in July. One in London with Academy 23, and a disasterous gig in Norfolk at the end of october.

The N.K.V.D. solo single has been pencilled in for release in early 1997. Strictly limited to 100 copies.

We have made a number of changes to our studio equipment.. After many years of 'going against the grain' of using hardware sequencers, we have upgraded and now have the use of Cubase, as well as a brand new Akai S2000 sampler. This equipment will be used for remixing and reworking Konstruktivists material for a CD of remixes planned for 1997.

JULY 1996
Konstruktivists return to Terneuzen in Holland in June to play the "No Limits-No Borders" music and art festival ogranised by Hahamandad.

A new 7" single "Confrontation (Parts 1-2)" has been recorded and will be released when we can persuade someone to do it!

Recent cassette releases:-

"Kracked At The Konservatory" on EE tapes from Belgium. 
"Konservenmusik" on Music&Elsewhere (UK)

Future releases include a cassette on Newcastle's MUZAMUZA label and we will also have a track on their forthcoming LP /CD compilation package.

N.K.V.D. will have his first solo single released soon on Austrian label Syntactic. As with the "Sweet Sex Subliminal" single - it will be pressed in ridiculously low quantities!